Author: Arrien Weeks

The design of the Swip eating tool was thoughtfully done.


The design of the Swip eating tool was thoughtfully done.

When restaurants came calling about using The Tines as eating tools, Tom realized the time was right to bring his fluid-dynamic eating tongs to the next level. This kindled his long-time desire to make a unifying utensil incorporating the best features of The Tines, spoons, chopsticks, forks and fingers.

The goal, to create a well-balanced eating tool that would feel warm in the hand, embrace food gently, and lift a bit of sauce, had to be achieved in a lightweight, dishwasher-safe, organic material. Tom had to realize his vision through a new, collaborative process of design using a food safe material, more durable than wood, yet with small ecological footprint.

Tom’s method of designing cooking, serving and eating tools–using Nature as a model–at this point had to meet the challenge of 3-D design and plastic molding. It took over two years of research and development to achieve the appropriate curvature to the plate and proper balance in the hand, featuring a sauce-sipping tip, pleasing in the mouth and on the lip.  An eating utensil so different, it even needed a new verb: to swip.