Swip Cuisine

Today’s menus call for eating tools that are more nimble than chopsticks and more versatile than forks–tools that elevate the food, not just stab or skewer it. Now that food culture has evolved away from its ethnic roots, and has become cuisine-entertainment, the time is right to add something new to the cutlery tool box. #theswips #foodietools #notjustasushitool

A food lover should be able to eat with the same level of interest and attention as the person who plated the food. A restaurant patron should be able to artistically deconstruct the presentation on the plate with the same care as the chef who prepared it. #foodie #foodieculture

Swips are at home on your kitchen or dining room table.

The Swip creates a conversation between the eater and the cook – it allows them to Share With Interest and Passion.  #swoop—dip—sip

The Swip is the culmination of a 20-year multidisciplinary challenge: it took the skills of a master carver, a tool-and-die maker, and a creative cook, combined with a deep passion for Nature to create the Swip. Designed by Tom Littledeer, patented by Leading Edge Designs Inc., and manufactured in Canada. They are available at Archer Hard Goods and at 844-UTENSIL.

Design process

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